Babcock Services has participated in safely cleaning up waste sites and burial grounds located predominately at the DOE Hanford Site in Washington State. Activities included liquid waste disposal cribs and trenches, buried pipelines and areas contaminated by operational leaks and accidental spills. Buried materials included chemically and radioactively contaminated materials, such as asbestos, lead, chromium, carbon tetrachloride, strontium, uranium, cesium and tritium.

BSI, along with the pre-selected subcontractors, has provided all equipment, key personnel and qualified, trained labor to remediate contaminated waste sites in a safe, compliant and cost effective manner.  Key employees included Project Managers, Superintendents, Health and Safety representatives, Samplers, Planners and Administrative Staff.

Our personnel provide management oversight of remediation activities, coordinate interfaces with multiple project teams and cross functional organizations.  BSI provides independent support and problem-solving solutions.  We develop optimization plans, resource-loaded schedules and the means to succeed.

Babcock Services, Inc. personnel have been involved as managers and leaders in the following significant projects at Hanford and elsewhere:

  • 100 BC Area Reactors Effluent Pipeline Removal
  • 100 BC Remedial Action including the 118-B-1 and 118-C-1 Burial Grounds
  • The 100 K Area 118-K-1 Burial Ground Category III facility
  • The RCRA closure of the 183-H Solar Evaporation Basins
  • The 100 N Area 116-N-3 and 116-N-1 Crib and Trench waste sites
  • DOE’s UMTRA program Grand Junction, Colorado, residential and commercial business remediation.