BSI has an extensive staff of experienced radiological engineers combined with subject matter experts unique to operational radiological controls, waste management and radiological decommissioning.  Combined, several of the principle managers and engineers of BSI have over a century of experience in the development and application of radiation protection standards, radiological engineering, ALARA, radwaste, facility assessment and site close-out.  We also provide expertise in environmental health and safety, pathway analysis and dose assessment.  Our personnel have years of in-the-field experience as Radiation Protection Managers, Radiological Engineers, ALARA Engineers and Radwaste Managers at locations throughout the U.S.

We are well versed and uniquely experienced in radiation protection, remediation and decommissioning activities.  In addition, BSI has the proven capability to provide radiation protection field supervision and technician support, either as part of an integrated project team or to supplement your existing staff.