Following is a selection of projects BSI has participated in either as a turnkey solutions provider or providing engineering and/or support services.

Hanford Plateau Remediation Project

Richland, Washington

Bruce Power Restart Project

Tiverton, Ontario Canada

British Nuclear Group

Chapelcross/Berkeley, U.K.

Public Services Electric and Gas

Salem/Hope Creek Nuclear Stations, New Jersey

Westinghouse Electric Company

Hematite Fuel Fabrication Facility, Missouri

DW James Consulting

Humboldt Bay Decommissioning, California

NASA Plum Brook Reactor

Sandusky, Ohio

Florida Power & Light Electric Co.

St. Lucie, Florida

SA Robotics, Inc.

Long Island, New York

Connecticut Yankee Power Co.

Haddam Neck, Connecticut

Energy Northwest

Richland, Washington

Mission Support Alliance

Richland, Washington

Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co.

Wiscasset, Maine

Oak Tree Management

Waltham, massachusetts

DOW Chemical Company

Bay City, Michigan

Shaw Venture Group

Various Exelon Facilities

Stone & Webster Construction

Athens, Alabama

Waste Control Specialists

Andrews, Texas