Babcock Services, Inc., (BSI) offers a number of important qualifications that will enable us to effectively accomplish many different tasks. Our personnel have a broad base of industrial experience, with an emphasis on nuclear applications. BSI has acquired a reputation for the successful application of cost efficient project controls consisting of Project Management, Cost Control, Planning & Scheduling and work control implementation while maintaining our priorities of Safety and Quality. Additionally, we have extensive experience in many major facets of large scale remediation work, including the handling and control of radioactive and hazardous wastes and soil remediation.

Employees range in experience from the eager college-grad to the seasoned-veteran with 30+ years of experience in their specialty with progressively increasing levels of responsibility and authority. BSI personnel are committed to meeting and/or improving upon our client’s cost & schedule baselines while maintaining quality.

BSI will augment projects with contract personnel who have the specific qualifications needed to ensure that the project is completed successfully

Each BSI employee is committed to quality, safety and customer satisfaction. As full-time employees of BSI, each has a vested interest in furthering BSI’s reputation for excellence. In order to maintain this reputation, the people hired by BSI are not only among the best in their particular field of expertise, but they are also reliable, honest, tenacious, and have the interpersonal skills necessary to provide credible direction to their subordinates and information to their customer.